How To Recover From Corrupted USB

How To Recover From Corrupted USB 

If your computer fails to recognize your hard drive, then you can try assigning a new drive letter to your storage media. This method will work wonderfully, and you will not need any third party tool to recover the files. Here’s how you can assign a new drive letter.

Step 1. You need to insert your USB stick on your computer and then right click on My Computer and then select the option “Manage.”

Step 2. Now you will see computer management panel from there you need to choose the option“Disk Management.”

Step 3. Then right click on “Disk Management” and then choose the option ‘Change Drive Letters and Paths’



Step 4. Now you will get to see the options to assign the new drive letter just select your desired letter from the drop-down and then hit the “Ok” button.


That’s it! You are done. Now, just reinsert your USB drive and see whether your computer

Note : if some times  Recover From Corrupted USB not work so i am not responsible so try at your own risk.

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