Recursion in php

Recursion : What is recursion ? Recursion means factorial . A recursive function is one that calls an instance of the same function from withing itself. There are times when this type of recursion can overcome problems and handle scenarios that would otherwise be imposiible .   syntex : n! = n * ((n –

Create division table in PHP

<!–  A division table –> <?php $start_num = 1; $end_num = 10; ?> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>A division table</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <H2>A division table</H2> <TABLE BORDER=1> <?php print(“<TR>”); print(“<TH> </TH>”); for ($count_1 = $start_num; $count_1 <= $end_num; $count_1++) print(“<TH>$count_1</TH>”); print(“</TR>”); for ($count_1 = $start_num; $count_1 <= $end_num; $count_1++) { print(“<TR><TH>$count_1</TH>”); for ($count_2 = $start_num; $count_2 <=